Cinema Francais Palm Springs | REMI, NOBODY’S BOY
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Rémi, Sans Famille

Antoine Blossier, France, 1h 48min
French with English subtitles

Adapted from Hector Malot’s celebrated classic novel, Sans famille, follows the adventures of Rémi, a young orphan raised by the kind Mrs. Barberin. At age ten, he is torn away from his adoptive mother and placed in the care of Signor Vitalis, a mysterious traveling performer . With him, Rémi learns the arduous life of a wandering entertainer and sings to earn his keep. With their loyal dog Capi and the little monkey Joli-Coeur, Rémi embarks on a long journey through France. The
encounters, friendships and acts of solidarity he experiences along the way eventually lead him to the secret of his origins . . .